2010 Halloween Costume Preview

July 14, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner, it’s a big corner, but it is never too late to start getting ready. Shopping for a Halloween costume early is a great way to save time, save money and avoid the hassle of shopping the week before Halloween. To help you get those new Halloween costume ideas rolling, we have a preview of the most popular new 2010 Halloween costumes.

Avatar Costumes
Remember the movie Avatar? It made lots of money or something like that. Avatar costumes are selling almost as fast as the movie tickets did, and they’re sure to be a popular costume for Halloween. Thanks to the success of the movie, there are lots of Avatar costumes and Avatar accessories to choose from. Join the Na’vi this Halloween in their battle to save Pandora.

Child Neytiri Costume Adult Neytiri Costume Jake Sully Costume

Alice in Wonderland Costume
Alice in Wonderland costume let you take a trip down the rabbit hole. The classic Alice in Wonderland movie from Disney provided lots of great costumes for kids, and Tim Burton’s remake did the same for adults. These new costumes are awesome for a costume party or for couples costumes to dress up together. These Alice in Wonderland costumes are based on the movie outfits, so everyone is sure to recognize you this Halloween.

Alice In Wonderland Costume Mad Hatter Costume Kid's Alice in Wonderland Costume

Baby Costumes
Baby costumes are growing in popularity, and each year there are more and more styles available. These baby costumes are cute and comfortable, making them a great choice for you and your baby. The costume material is soft enough that your baby will love wearing it, and it’s strong enough to be worn multiple times, making it a fun outfit for play.

Baby Puppy Costume Baby Blossom Costume Baby Lion Costume

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a costume sale!

June 16, 2010

It’s sale time at CostumeCity.Com. The costume season is upon us, and that means that we have to make room for new arrivals. Most of these sale costumes are last year’s models, but they still look great, and at a much reduced price, it can be hard to say no!

Deluxe Batman Costume

This Dark Knight costume looks like it was taken straight from the movie.  Originally priced at $499, we knocked over a hundred dollars off to bring it down to $385, a steal for any collector. This is the real deal crime-stoppers; if you have a desire to impress this Halloween then show up donning this complete Batman outfit that includes bodysuit, gauntlets, Batman utility belt, black cape boot covers, and an over the head mask that tucks into the suit. This is the perfect costume for a die-hard Batman fan or someone getting ready for a comic con, read the positive reviews if you don’t believe me.

Robin Hood Costume

The new Robin Hood movie starring Russel Crowe is just coming off of it’s theatrical release, and we’ve decided to celebrate the movie by dropping the price on this costume from $80 to $55.  This mens costume includes a forest green shirt, a wooded cape, a belt, gauntlet and boot covers. At this price, you could outfit your own band of merry men.

Alive in Wonderland Costume

Don’t worry ladies, there are plenty of womens costumes on sale too. This Alice in Wonderland movie costume draws inspiration from the Disney film as well as the Tim Buton remake. This Alice costume is a little bit saucier than the traditional one, but we have lots of other costumes available as well if this isn’t to your taste. This Alice in Wonderland costume includes circle skirt dress with an attached apron, a head band and a neck bow.  The original price was $45 and we lowered it to $35 dollars, just becaue we like you.

Kid's Black Suit Spiderman Costume

Sales are for kids too. This sweet Black Suit Spiderman costume is just $20. That price includes the full bodysuit and the hood, everything you need to start your career as a webslinger.

There are lots more costumes on sale at CostumeCity.Com. Check them out before the sale ends or they run out of stock.