Cool Costume of the Week

August 20, 2010

It’s cute, it’s adorable, it’s baby Godzilla! A costume doesn’t have to be super elaborate or require specialty construction skills to make it as the cool costume of the week. Sometimes all you need is a little originality and a really cute baby.

Cool Baby Costume

Someone check that kid's food!

Dragon costumes are actually really easy to make, all you need is a green jumper and a little bit of light green fabric for the stomach. Adding the teeth, eyes, ears and spikes are bonus, but they really do make the costume look good. This baby costume doesn’t differ much from others except that the parents went ahead and accessorized with a flame throwing pacifier. This is the sort of extra touch that can really make a costume stand out. Another cool idea would have been to stick a toy knight on the pacifier or give the kid a little plush knight to mangle and chew on.

There are lots of great baby costumes at
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Cool Costume of the Week for 06/11/2010

June 11, 2010

Here at CostumeCity.Com we’re starting another new column in addition to our Homemade vs. Store-bought column that we started this week. The new column is called Cool Costume of the Week and it will profile one or two cool costumes that we find during our long hours spent perusing various costume sites online.

This week we’re featuring a costume that has gotten quite a bit of praise on the internet already, but I figured it deserved another look. This Iron Man costume was built by TMP and a few other collaborators. In addition to looking awesome, the costume also features a full range of motion. I’m not quite sure how many hours went into making this bad boy, but I’m will to bet that it was more than went into writing this post. I’ve tried to cobble together some information from various forums, and I hope that everything posted here is accurate. According to TMP, “The armor will be mainly constructed from solid glassfiber work with rich details all over. The armor will come finished painted either in the original Mark III colors or custom paint colors.” Kudos to all the guys that worked on this. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves from here on out.

Click here for more information about the TMP Iron Man costume

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