A Look at the Cast of Toy Story 3: The Green Army Men

June 8, 2010

The Green Army Men first appeared in the original Toy Story movie, and their popularity grew because of their association with the real life Green Army Men toys.  The Green Army Men play an integral role in the first scene of the movie where Andy’s toys are attempting to find out what new toys Andy will get for his birthday. The army men are very militant, much like one would suspect them to be, and this clues the viewer into the idea that even though the toys are alive, they take on the characteristics that are associated with them as toys.

Green Army Men

Following the movie, there was a resurgence in the sale of Green Army Men, and several licensed Toy Stoy products were released to capitalize on the success of the movie. Toy Story brought to life the play-time fantasy of millions of kids who have played with green army men before, and this was a big part of why the characer(s) were such a hit. The Green Army men didn’t have an original costume, rather, they were simply copied from the existing toys. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fun some fun this Halloween and dress up like a Green Army Man though. The Green Army Man costume is great for Halloween or any other event, and it can be fun to try and imitate the army men from the Toy Story movie. CostumeCity.Com has two different Green Army Men costumes, one adult sized costume and one kid sized costume. Both costumes include four pieces, the jumpsuit, the boots, the hood and the helmet. Turning yourself into one of the most beloved toys of all time has never been easier. ‘Ten Hut!

Adult Green Army Man Costumes

Kid's Green Army Man Costume

 There are only one and  a half weeks left until we get to see the Green Army Men in action again in Toy Story 3. Get your tickets for the movie and get your costumes ready to celebrate the third installment in the Toy Story trilogy.