Who Knew Mice Could Sew?

September 1, 2010

Disney has a way of making people laugh without resorting to slapstick humor, at least not too much, and this video is the perfect example. If you don’t know the context, Cinderella has been forced to spend all of her free time doing chores so she won’t be able to finish sewing her dress for the ball. Lucky for her she has some very talented mice friends who happen to have outstanding sewing ability, in addition to a knack for putting together a catchy musical number. Watch and try not to giggle out loud at Gus.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cinderella

July 28, 2010

Disney CinderellaThe Cinderella story has been written in many languages and in many time periods, and Cinderella costumes have changed a little bit with each story. The classic tale of a young hero or heroine overcoming oppression and rising to the ranks of royalty has fascinated readers throughout history. Along the way Cinderella has had many names, including Critheanach, Rhodopis, Ye Xian, Aschenputtel and Cenerentola.

1. The story is thought to originate in the time of classical antiquity, around the year 1 BC. Remember that BC counts down to AD.

2. In a version of the Cinderella story from the Philippines, the Cinderella character’s fairy godmother is actually her real mother reincarnated, as a crab.

3. In one of the most popular versions of Cinderella, published in 1697, Cinderella wore fur boots, not glass slippers. During translation, the word vair, or fur, may have been mistaken for the word verre, which means glass. Although probably not as comfortable, the glass slipper has stuck ever since.

4. The Cinderella story has spawned 10 operas, more than five ballets, and at least one ice show.

5. Cinderella is so popular that she even has her own medical condition. Colette Dowling coined the term “Cinderella complex” to describe her theories about women’s fear of becoming independent. The fear results from an unconscious desire to be taken care of by others. The name was chosen because although Cinderella exhibits a will to break out of her situation, she is unable to use her own strength to do so and must have help from an outside source.

6. Cinderella Castle at Disney World is Disney’s tallest structure, standing 189 feet. Space Mountain is a close second at 183 feet.

7. The Disney studio was deep in dept when it released the Cinderella movie in 1950. Many considered the film a last ditch effort to save the company. The enormous success of the movie carried Disney’s production through the 1950s.

I hope you’re feeling enlightened, and the next time you watch or read Cinderella, just image all the different changes the story has gone through in the last 2000 years.

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